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Trusted by security and tech firms worldwide Crytonix Softwares. Leads the face detection tech industry.
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Fraud Prevention & Access Control

Fraud Prevention

Analyze real-time videos. To quickly pick out people. From the crowd. Instantly track fishy people. And be notified. About the presence. Of unwanted people. At your events. In real-time.

Unlock Phones

A variety of phones. Including the latest iPhones. Are now using face detection. To unlock phones. Our face detection tech is a powerful way. To protect personal data. And ensure that your phone is not stolen.

Smarter Marketing

Face detection has the ability. To make promotion more targeted. By making educated guesses. At people’s age and gender. It’s only a matter of time. Before face detection becomes an omnipresent hype tech.

Find Missing Persons

Face detection can be used. To find missing children. And victims of human trafficking. As long as missing people. Are added to a database. Law enforcement can become alerted. As soon as they are identified. By face detection anywhere.

Access Control

Our face detection tech. Ensures safer environs. For your residents. Employees. And visitors. By using facial biometrics solutions. Aimed at controlling the entrances/exits. And monitoring actions.

Law Enforcement

Our mobile face detection apps. Are already helping law enforcers. By helping them instantly identify people. From a safe distance. This can help by giving them contextual data. That tells them. Who they are dealing with.

Identify People On Social Media

Most social media platforms use face detection tech. To instantly recognize. When members appear in photos. This makes it easier for people. To find photos they are in. And can suggest certain people.

Control Access To Private Areas

Face detection can work. As a means of access control. To ensure that only allowed people. Get into facilities like labs. Boardrooms. Bank vaults. Training centers for athletes. And other sensitive locations.

Why Choose Crytonix Softwares?

Face Detection

With Crytonix Softwares’ face detection API. You can detect faces in an image. Identify key facial features. And get the outlines of people.

Identity Verification

Enable KYC selfie proof. And ID license proof. For a complete. Real-time fact check. At Crytonix Softwares.

Gender Detection

The mechanic gender detection. From face images has likely apps. In the visual watch. And human computer exchanges.

Age Detection

Classify the facial image. Into the exact age or to a specific age range. Child. Young-adult. Adult. Or senior in real-time. With Crytonix Softwares.

Let’s Work Together

Verify your identity. And protect your privacy. With our face detection method. Contact us now to get started. Check out our face detection tech. And our happy clients. Crytonix Softwares strengthens identity guarantee worldwide. With well founded. Device liberated. And anti spoofing facial detection tech.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow

We believe that you have the right. To discover yourself on the web. And protect your privacy. And image. Using the latest tech. And AI. Crytonix Softwares helps you. To find your own pictures. On the web. And defend yourself. From character thieves. And scammers. Or people who use your image. In an illegal way. That is why we created face detection tech. A multi purpose tool allowing you. To find your face on the web. And reclaim images rights.

Other Packages

Multilingual Translation

Crytonix Softwares translate the true meaning of your content. To help you reach a global audience. Our multi lingual translation services are top-notch. And concise.

Auto Reply Suggestion

Crytonix Softwares’ Auto-reply suggestion messages are the best ways. To maintain a transparent relationship with your customers.


Quality Inspection

Crytonix Softwares quality inspection experts check for quality. And identify ways to cut production costs. Reduce losses and causes of faulty products.

Sentiment Analysis

Crytonix Softwares delivers amazing real time sentiment analysis services. That power Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. Furthermore, data operation strategies.