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Many users globally rely on Crytonix products every day. For improving software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality. We provide the best software solutions. Software support services are generally technical support or troubleshooting/repair services provided for specific software products. These services include income from long-term technical support contracts or event-based, paid support in the form of payments.


Software developers create computer applications that allow users to perform specific tasks and the underlying systems that drive devices or control networks. Software quality assurance analysts and testers design and execute software tests to identify problems and learn how the software performs.


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Application Software

Application software is a type of software that runs as per the demand of the user. It runs on the platform provided by the system software. A high-level language is used to write application software. It is a special purpose software.

General Application Software

Common software is capable of performing a wide range of fundamental tasks. They perform all the normal tasks that a user needs to perform on the system. A user needs to cater to a wide variety of applications. Of these, a wide range of commonly used applications fall into this group.

Customized Application Software

To survive in this competitive market, many organizations today are opting for application software development to create an application software for businesses as per their specific requirements. However, these types of software applications are developed based on their particular requirements.

Business application software

Business application software is classified according to its specific requirements. This business application software is developed to meet their needs to automate business functionalities and improve the efficiency and accuracy of operations. The release of business application software is supposed to accelerate profitability and productivity.

Artificial Intelligence

Very often we get stuck because of AI with the same kind of intelligence that humans have. This is because we believe that “intelligence” has a universal meaning. To better understand the purpose of what we expect from AI, we need to understand intelligence and its role in AI.

Reactive Machines

A reactive machine follows the most basic principles of AI and, as its name suggests, is able to use only its intelligence to perceive and react to the world in front of it. A reactive machine cannot store memory and therefore cannot rely on past experiences to inform real-time decision making.


Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks evolve over time, with each new decision exploring slightly modified paths based on past experiences. This model is constantly searching for better paths and uses simulation and statistics, or chance, to predict outcomes throughout its cycle of evolutionary mutation.

Targeted advertising

AI is used to target web ads to the people most likely to click on or engage with them. It is also used to increase the time spent on the website by selecting engaging content for the visitors. It can predict or generalize customer behavior from their digital fingerprint. Online gaming companies are using AI to improve customer targeting. Personality computing AI models add psychological targeting to more traditional sociodemographic or behavioral targeting. AI was used to personalize shopping options and personalize offers.

Our Process

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This is where the application or programming is ideated and made. Finding and fixing application security issues in this beginning phase is undeniably less expensive than holding on until after an application has been sent, so engaging engineers to make secure programming from commencement is basic.


When an application is made, it ought to be additionally tried before it’s delivered in a live climate. Regardless of whether you remembered security for your plan, it might address new difficulties in a genuine circumstance.

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With these tests finished, it’s the ideal opportunity for arrangement. However, definitely, not all weaknesses can be remediated for each application before it goes live. Misconfigurations in underway conditions can present issues not present in pre-creation, and new zero-day weaknesses in the middle between discharge cycles.

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A vigorous creation checking routine incorporates constant powerful examining for weaknesses and hazard profile changes, disclosure of rebel applications, and run-time location of safety occasions in the actual application. Since innovations and online protection dangers continually develop, you’ll likewise need to instill security through observing.

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We fuel our software with code

System software manages system resources and provides execution paths for application software. An important point is that the system cannot function without the system software. It is general-purpose software.


Artificial Intelligence

AI’s Augmented Intelligence

AI enables people to unleash their creativity by augmenting our usage of data and technology. AI thus creates a foundation for innovation, increases human productivity, and enables people to do tasks with unmatched speed, deeper reach, and broader scale. For example, autonomous vehicles, drones, and advanced medical devices enhance product and service offerings by elevating our own artistic and scientific capabilities.

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In a long span of 16 years, we have provided the best services to the companies. Crytonix believes in delivering services with our expertise to provide you with the best experience and work. With a typical working environment that is constantly evolving, along with the technology being used, we make your projects stand out.


Our platform makes it easy and for employees and managers to recognize and reward one another for milestones and achievements. Unlike any other recognition program Bucketlist enables companies to reward employees the way they want resulting in a  product satisfaction score. With Bucketlist employees or managers can easily recognize and reward their colleagues for living exemplifying core values or for outstanding performance.

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As a business owner, I am used to controlling and always having my finger on the pulse of my employees and contractors. Crytonix softwares has delivered great results and has convinced me of the value of outsourcing. At the beginning of the relationship  relationship between us and Crytonix Softwares. 

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We have worked with Crytonix softwares on various projects, and find that they provide quality service and expertise for our programming needs. It is rare to find a service provider with such professional consistency – they are a valued service provider to our business!

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We would like to express our satisfaction with the cooperation regarding the development of our web application. Crytonix softwares and the development team did a very professional job. We are satisfied with the solution given to us and with the communication flow through the project.

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